Prom Dresses From The Heart

Staples girls donated a total of 15 dresses to the Heart and Soul Prom Dress Drive. | Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

Haley Zeldes ’13
Staff Writer

The Heart and Soul Club led by Diane Somlo ’11 and Rebecca Jason Tsoft ’11, ran a prom dress drive to benefit less fortunate high school girls. The Heart and Soul Club is service group in which members can volunteer at various charitable events and participate in long term volunteering opportunities.

For this specific charity project, the club chose to collect prom dress donations for the Norwalk YMCA and Christian Community Action Center’s Third Annual Prom Dress Extravaganza. The Somlo and Tsoft believe they had a good amount of participants, which was evident through the 15 dresses that students donated. “The dresses we collected were brought to the Norwalk YMCA and set up in a room with other dresses donated from all around the county. Students from low in-come families could come…and receive the dresses and other accessories, so they could have outfits for their schools’ proms,” Somlo said.

The drive ended April 8, but there is always next year for the Prom Dress Drive, and other charitable drives like this one. “We had a pretty good turnout, and the club will most likely run the drive again with more advertising so students are aware and can be reminded of it,” Somlo said. Look out for more charity events from the Heart and Soul Club.