Tyler says, and "American Idol" Improves

Photo by Amanda Parks/Abaca Press via MCT CAMPUS
Kelsey Shockey’14
Staff Writer

Season 10 of  “American Idol” is  down to the final six competitors.


The final group of singers will perform at 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday this week. The last group is in the spotlight with this season’s lineup of judges, which includes Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and veteran Randy Jackson.

Tyler, one of the most popular judges, known all over the world for the frontman of Aerosmith, led a wild rock and roll life and has now turned to his attention to making the singers on “American Idol” real recording artists.

Last year, Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kara DioGuardi, all left at the end of season. But throughout the episodes this season, let’s consider an important question: have you even thought about Simon Cowell? I know I haven’t.

The sarcastic and harsh Cowell left “American Idol” to work on his show “X Factor,” a talent competition that will air next fall. Cowell continues to search for the other two judges.

In my opinion, “Idol” is better without him. Cowell’s rude comments like, “I think you’re amazingly dreadful. I don’t think another human being on the planet will ever sing like you,” or “If I were to say you were mediocre, it would be the biggest compliment you’ve ever been paid,” took something away from the show.

I know for many fans, it was hard to watch Cowell leave the show. However, for me, I think it was fate. Simon was good, but Tyler is great.

He offers constructive criticism and makes the atmosphere on stage more comfortable. When Simon judged, it was a totally different story. He made singers nervous, and his constructive criticism led people trying out to either quit or swear at the cameras.

When Simon was on the show it was all about him.  When he made his comments, he was trying to be funny, rude and mean so that people would think he was being real. Tyler has shown us that “Idol” is not about that.

Now that Simon is gone, and with Tyler’s positive contributions, the singers will be able to continue their careers with a positive attitude.