Two Senate Hopefuls Duel It Out In Fairfield County's Only Senate Debate

Jamie Wheeler-Roberts ’13
Staff Writer

Photo by Nicolette Weinbaum '11

Two senate hopefuls Linda McMahon of the Republican Party and Richard Blumenthal of the Democratic Party went head to head at the Continental Manor, in Norwalk, Conn. In Fairfield County’s only senate debate.

The two candidates, who wish to take over the seat in Washington that current Senator Chris Dodd will vacate, battled over issues from cap and trade to mass transit to arguably the biggest the economy. Although it seemed that the candidates were more focused on bashing one another then talking about the issues at hand, here’s what the candidates said:

Cap and Trade:

McMahon- She believes that the United States should increase its nuclear production. She also feels that the country should reward companies who move towards cleaner technology with a tax credit. Finally she endorses a national energy plan.

Blumenthal- He believes that we need to make Connecticut a clean burning fuel state. To that end he believes that the United States should make companies pay for “poisoning” the air. He along with McMahon supports a national energy policy. In another quote he stated that “Cap and trade is dead.”

Mass Transit:

Neither candidate spoke much on improving transit nor infrastructure they both moved on to taxes fairly quickly, where it stayed. However, Blumenthal did say that he believed that it is very important and that high speed land travel is encouraged and supported by the national government.

Terrorist Trials:

Both Candidates agreed that terrorist like Mohamed Atta, who took part in the September eleventh terrorist attacks should be tried by military tribunals.

Relations with Cuba:

McMahon- She believes that free trade agreements are reasonable.

Blumenthal- He is open to normalizing relations with Cuba, but will ultimately do what is right for the people of Connecticut.

Although not an officially asked, question both candidates always came back to taxes and their thoughts on them. Overall, McMahon does support Bush tax cuts and does not want to see them expire, while Blumenthal wants to see tax cuts go to the middle class as soon as possible.

The debate concluded with below- the-belt hit’s from both candidates.  McMahon was notably more forceful when dishing out comments to Blumenthal “I think you want to constantly focus on WWE because it’s really difficult for you to focus on the economy and creating jobs,” and “You don’t understand business. It’s not your fault. You’ve been in government all your life.”

Two Senate Hopefuls Duel It Out In Fairfield County's Only Senate Debate


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