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Molly Barreca, Sports Editor
Molly Barreca seems like a typical humorous girl at Staples. However, there are many things that most don’t know about her.

She aspires to work in public relations when she is older, similarly to her father who has worked in the television industry for years. Barreca is one of Inklings most popular writers with over 1,000 hits on her articles. She has always been a talented writer and loved reading the paper, but she officially started Inklings at the end of her sophomore year. She then took advanced journalism her junior year and is currently in the advanced class her senior year.

This coming year Barreca is one of the sports editors, and her ambition is to change the sports section. “I want to make the sports section a little less predictable,” Barreca said. She is very excited about the back page and likes that it is one of the more featured pages.

“I want to make the section somewhere people turn to when they first get the paper because they want to see what we’re going to do next,” Barreca said. Barreca and her good friend Aaron Hendel, which is also her co-editor, are eager to change Inkling’s sports section for the better.

It will be interesting to watch Barreca as she changes the Inklings sports section and follow in the footsteps of her father.

Molly Barreca, Sports Editor

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