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Larissa Lierbson
“I love thrill seeking. Going down a roller coaster, trying new things, taking risks,” Larissa Lieberson ’15 said. Well, high school is all about trying new things, whether it’s Kool to be Kind, community service, or student ambassador, Lieberson has worked all ends of Staples’ spectrum of activities.

This year, however, Lieberson will tackle a new role: Social Media Managing Editor. Her goals are to extend social media beyond the normal high school paper. She wants to give a voice to every person in the school. To let them know that they have a say in what they want to hear, or what they want to see publicized; and to make us feel more involved as a community. Lieberson prides herself in her ability to get work done, so there is no doubt in her mind that she will lay the new foundation for social media at Staples with big strides.

Inklings has helped her to grow up throughout high school. Looking back, as a senior, she recalls how much she has grown up since freshman year. How there are so many things that she would not have even known if it weren’t for Inklings. “High school is a learning place. Staples lets you become who you are, in such a welcoming, open environment,” she said. But before Lieberson takes her final exit, she wants to repay Inklings for allowing her to feel so connected to Staples, by spreading this news to everyone over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Although she has no idea what she where the years ahead may take her. Lieberson is grateful for her time at Staples and is excited to hop on the next roller coaster of senior year and ride out the rest of her time here on the paper.


Larissa Lieberson, Director of Social Media

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