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Ellie Gavin

The captain of the Staples Sail team and veteran Inklings staff writer, Ellie Gavin ‘14, returns for another exciting year on the job at Inklings.

Gavin has brought her passion for writing to Inklings over the previous two years. Gavin has always considered anything involving reading and writing a hobby. Gavin enjoys fantasy reading and is thinking about going to a writing school in pursuit of a career having to do with the field.

Gavin also likes to spend a lot of her time working with kids, she is involved in a Staples club called, “Kool 2 Be Kind.” Once a month she goes in to elementary school classrooms and teaches kids how to be an ally rather than a bully.

Gavin is a natural born leader and states that her goal this year is, “to be a driving force in the sailing team returning to the Gold Cup this season,” Gavin said.

Gavin’s favorite article that she has written involved her wandering Westport to find haunted stories for a Halloween issue.

Gavin is gearing up for another great year at Inklings.

Ellie Gavin, Staff Writer

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