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Andrew Vester
Andrew Vester ’17 is the jack of all trades, there are musician writers and athlete writers, but not many with the combination of both. He’s always been fascinated by journalism and said that, “(inklings) gave me a great opportunity to explore my passion.” He hopes to, “succeed, learn, and have fun with the rest of the staff, as the paper prospers.” Outside of inklings, Vester jams out on the electric and acoustic guitar. He’s a big U2 fan. Over the summer, he worked as a researcher for a Yale professor, and the job lead to him being introduced to many great politicians (one being Bob Dole). Most of the rest of his summer was spent playing and practicing baseball for Westport’s Junior Legion team as well as attending journalism camp at Columbia University. His summer was filled with wonderful experiences that he thinks will be advantageous to him in the future.

Andrew Vester, Web Opinions Editor

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Oct 04, 2016
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Christie’s Catastrophe: Two indicted in Bridgegate Scandal (Story)
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Dec 18, 2014
Local businesses spread holiday cheer on Main Street (Story)
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Dec 07, 2014
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Students forced to choose between sports and school (Story)
Aug 25, 2014
Interactions between Israel and Palestine chronicled through the years (Story)
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