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Amanda Kaplowitz ’19
As an avid lover of reading and writing, Amanda Kaplowitz ’19, currently an associate managing director, joined Inklings in hopes of immersing herself in another English class, unknowing what it would bring. As she enters her final year as a member of Inklings, Kaplowitz is immeasurably grateful for that first Intro to Journalism class.

From all of her years on Inklings, Kaplowitz has found that her favorite part of the club is spending time with all of the Staples students and faculty that work towards making the paper possible. Along with this, the Inklings staff took a trip to Dallas, Texas which Kaplowitz explained has brought everyone of all grades and positions closer together.

“I love going to layouts after school and bonding with the whole staff,” Kaplowitz said, “we got really close this past year.”

Amanda Kaplowitz ’19, Associate Managing Editor

Jan 03, 2019
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