Staples Lacrosse Wrecks the Rams


Photo by Eliza Yass Graphic by Alex Greene

Eliza Yass, Web Opinions Editor

“We won the game, 7-6 in overtime, and after seeing and feeling the team’s energy through such a competitive and emotional game, I felt ecstatic.”  Freshman Lacrosse coach, Ed Huydic, said.

The Staples Lacrosse program beat New Canaan in all three levels on Thursday, April 25.This was Staples’ first win against New Canaan Lacrosse, who was undefeated and number four in the state.

The varsity team, coached by Paul McNulty, was down by two goals at the end of the fourth quarter, but managed to tie the score by the end of the game. Staples won 8-7 in overtime after Will Johnson ‘14 scored a goal assisted by Colin Bannon ’13.

“I am sure New Canaan thought they were coming over to Staples to have another easy game,” McNulty said. “They were undefeated at the time having just beaten Darien. But Staples is different now.”

With five seniors going on to play college lacrosse and one junior committed to a division one college, the team is definitely stronger than it has ever been before.

Senior captain, Joey Zelkowitz’13, played solid offense the entire game, scoring three goals for the team. “Our defense was able to hold them to seven goals, which is outstanding knowing how good they are on offense. It was a huge win for our season and the program beating them,” Zelkowitz’13 said.

The varsity players aren’t the only ones who had an exciting win though. The freshman team went into overtime tied 6-6. They persevered with a winning goal from Connor Chamberlin ’16, following a save by goalie Jason Nelson’16.

“It felt awesome to have the bench clear and it was just overall a great experience,” Chamberlin said.

The JV team had an easier win than the other two teams. They won 10-7, with the Rams scoring two goals in the last two minutes of the game. This win meant a lot for the JV team because it gave them a boost of confidence that will keep them strong throughout the rest of the season. Coach Batlin is expecting a great rest of the season.

The Staples Lacrosse program will be playing Mamaroneck this weekend and it’s expected to be an exciting game. Lucas Jackson’15 watched the varsity game and was an MVP in the JV game.

“This team is going to be a very strong team when we’re older and like Coach Mac said today, this is one of the best JV teams Staples has had in a long time,” Jackson’15 said.