Staples dance team is necessary to create community for dancers


Photo by Julia Leitner ’23

Many dancers at Staples go to studios in or near Westport to pursue their passions for dance, as they are not able to at Staples.

Julia Leitner ’23, Web Sports Editor

Being involved in the Staples community is something that is important to most, if not all, students. Participating in the sports that you love and having the super fans there to cheer you on at every game encopasses the ideal high school experience. Unfortunately, this opportunity is not one that dancers at Staples are able to enjoy. Despite the multitude of sports provided at Staples, from soccer all the way to skiing, dance has never been an option. A Staples dance team would be beneficial for all students who dance outside of school, and for any student that would want to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

A Staples dance team would be beneficial for all students who dance outside of school, and for any student that would want to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.”

— Julia Leitner ’23

For dancers that take part in dance classes at their own independent studios, it can be difficult to take advantage of every opportunity that Staples has to offer. Most other athletes that partake in different sports can make the active decision to join a club team outside of Staples or a Staples team. Dancers do not have this option, and therefore cannot fully engulf themselves in the amazing athletic program that Staples has. This causes them to dance independently outside of school if they wish to fulfil their passion for dance. 

This exclusion of dance in the Staples community has several disadvantages for dancers. School sports are a major aspect of meeting people and creating friendships from freshman year and beyond. When dancers are not able to meet people this way, it leaves us seeking other ways to make friendships in a class setting. While it is still entirely possible to create bonds in that way, being excluded from an enclosed community can lead to a bit of social uncertainty for students. 

Additionally, during the college application process, colleges and universities are often happy to see students’ involvement in their high school. For dancers, this is hard to accomplish. Most committed dancers have an extremely time consuming schedule, leaving them the only option to sign up for clubs at Staples. This leaves a void in many students’ applications, as it appears that they are not involved in Staples’ activities, and instead only devote their time to one thing, as opposed to having an array of passions. Being involved in a Staples sport would help with this overall idea that school involvement is crucial, and it would allow for dancers to have more time to embark on other clubs and opportunities that they otherwise could not have. 

Although a Staples dance team seems extremely appealing to me, as I am a dancer, I do believe that it could benefit anyone. It can be an exciting extracurricular for those who are looking to express themselves, let out their emotions and feel good in their bodies. These favorable advantages to dance are not usually rewarded within other sports. Therefore, it is an important activity to implement at Staples for dancers who are looking for community and involvement within Staples high school.