Students express desire for continuation of sports


Graphic by Carson Kranz ’21

The National Basketball Association seeks approval for return to sports without fans in the crowd.

Carson Kranz ’21

The NBA was affected by coronavirus the most with almost 50 cases around the league, and their season has been postponed for two months now.
There are many factors that go into the possible continuation of the league, which makes it hard to make a decision. In the case they do decide to continue, there will be no fans in the stands, which means teams are generating less revenue.
Some, including Shaquille O’neal on twitter, have even called for the NBA to “scrap the 2020 season.” If the NBA were to scrap the 2020 season, this would mean the rest of the games will not be played, which generates even less money than having no fans in the stands. But with no other sports being played right now, a return without fans could still bring in a lot of revenue.
“I hope they don’t just scrap the season,” Max Calderone ’21 said, “but I feel like there’s not much they can do.”
Most basketball fans around the world have been calling for the NBA to resume play with no fans in the stands. This is so that people can watch their favorite teams play during their time being quarantined.
“I would like to see the NBA continue without fans because I enjoy watching basketball,” Josh Leon ’21 said. “I miss it.”
The NBA currently has no plans to return, and it is depressing for fans because the league should be in the playoffs right now. Whatever decision they make at this point could also be factored into next season as well.
“I hope they do continue [to play],” Brett Levy ’20 said. “It will make this quarantine easier, but they need to make sure it is in favor of the safety of the players as well.”