Wreckers rout McMahon in homecoming blowout


By Jack Dennison ’21 and Andreas Lolis ’21

For the second week in a row, the Staples Wreckers football team defeated the opposing team by at least 20 points, this time winning 38-14 against Brian McMahon.

The top players of the game were quarterback Jake Thaw ’20, who threw for three touchdowns and wide receivers Adam Petro ’20 and Mark Didio ’20 who each scored for two touchdowns.

The first drive of the game was propelled by running back Timmy Luciano ’19, whose runs allowed the Wreckers to get into scoring position. The drive was capped off with a 36 yard touchdown pass from Thaw to Didio.

After punts from both McMahon and Staples, the Senators drove down the field with a run-heavy attack and finally punched the ball in for a touchdown from one yard out. After a two point conversion pass, Staples was behind for the first time this season, 8-7.

That was the only time McMahon was ahead in the game as the Wreckers defense shut them out from that point until the last play of the game. The Wreckers defense was led by captain defensive end Matt Almansi ’19 who recorded a tackle behind the line of scrimmage and a drive-ending sack.

“Our defense was spectacular, [the other team only got] 14 points, [that’s] awesome,” Petro said.

The next Wreckers drive began with a long pass from Thaw to Dylan Ward ’19 and ended with an unusual play in which Thaw threw a lateral pass to Petro, who ran the ball in for a touchdown.

After a McMahon punt, Thaw found Petro for a deep pass from midfield which he ran into the endzone. This touchdown extended the Wreckers’ lead and made the score 21-8.

On the kickoff following the half, the Senators failed to catch the kick, meaning that the ball was free and either team could retrieve it. Mike Thompson ’19 recovered the ball and ran into the endzone for another unusual touchdown, giving the Wreckers a safe 28-8 lead.

In the fourth quarter, a touchdown reception from Didio and a field goal led to the Wreckers having over 35 points for the third game in a row. Although McMahon was able to muster out a last-second touchdown, it was not enough.

Penalties were an area of weakness for the Wreckers, as they racked up five personal fouls and one holding call during the game.

“We just have to clean up the sloppy penalties and sloppy carries of the ball and then when we go to Ridgefield, hopefully we’ll be able to come out with a win,” Thaw said.

The offensive line, however, apart from one sack, gave Thaw plenty of time to throw the ball downfield.

“I’ve got to give credit to all the other guys on the offense other than myself. I was able to sit back there as long as I wanted, due to the offensive line’s protection,” Thaw said.

Overall, the Wreckers felt they played well in all three stages of the game.

“The defense played really well and was able to contain McMahon’s offense,” Phil Treglia, Staples head coach, said, “The offense was explosive, we had some big plays, and the special teams was fantastic.”

The Wreckers will look to improve their record to 4-0 when they play their next game against the Ridgefield Tigers away on Friday, Sept. 28.