A mascot that is befitting Staples athletes

By: Chris Andrews ’18

Before the 1920’s, before the Wreckers, Staples High School’s athletic teams were called “The Minutemen.” It’s time to return to that name.

The history of the Wreckers name is not steeped in tradition as it was taken from a news headline of a football game upset, “Staples High Wrecks Norwalk’s Homecoming!” While at that time the name likely served as a reminder to other football teams not to underestimate ours, Staples sports are so much more than that and deserve a name more befitting of our athletic prowess.

In 1777 a group known as the Minutemen bravely launched an offense against the British troops that landed on Compo Beach. The “ready in a minute” men played a crucial role in our country’s, and more specifically our town’s, history.

While the Wreckers name is unique and has served our teams well, I am not a fan. The word sounds childish, and it doesn’t convey the strength of our athletes. The valiant Minutemen are a better representation of the remarkable attributes of our athletic teams. They are a symbol that stands for all that our athletes represent: drive, discipline, self-confidence, aggressiveness, focus, commitment and determination.

A mascot such as The Minutemen shows our patriotism from which we benefit in such political times – pride in our country, pride in Westport and pride in our athletes.