College commits publicize decision about school


By: Megan Brown

Many Staples students, of all age ranges, have already sealed the deal on a college for mastering their sport.

While some have made their college commitments very public, others have not said a word. There are some rules regarding what you can/can’t post on social media, or otherwise publicly announce, when you decide to play in college.

From Division III to Division I, the Saugatuck Rowing club has dominated the athletic world in Westport. For more about the Saugatuck Rowing Club, click here:

Imi Ratcliffe ’17 just sealed the deal with University of California Berkeley and will be rowing there in the fall. However, an anonymous source says that she can post where she is going in December, but until then, she can only tell people in person.

Ratcliffe said it “is only Ivy League schools that you can’t post anything, but non-Ivy League schools you can tell people and post about it.”

Though the circumstance in rowing is strict, soccer plays by different rules.

Staples has seen many students verbally commit to their school of choice, and post it on social media. Charlotte Rossi ’17 committed to Fordham University towards the end of last year.  

“I know many girls who have committed to Ivy Leagues for soccer and they have all been able to publicize that they committed just like they would at any other school” Rossi said.

Lydia Shaw ’17 is one of those girls. She committed to Yale University in early June, and has been allowed to post about it on all forms of social media. Find more about Staples Soccer here:

With celebratory posts accumulating all over social media, students are eager to see where all of their friends will end up.