College Football Playoff Rankings


Jason Streiter, Staff Writer

The first college football playoff ranking of the year was released Tuesday night, with the Clemson Tigers ranked number one. Louisiana State (LSU), Ohio State and Alabama rounded out the top four, respectively.

“We’ve had a great season to this point,” Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said on ESPN. “We’ve got a chance to be in there. This a poll of potential. It all depends on how we play.”

“We’re not concerned about the poll five weeks early. We’re not gonna go out and celebrate now,” Swinney said. “The only poll that we’re excited about is Dec. 6, and I promise you we’ll have the biggest poll party you’ve seen”

Clemson definitely has the potential to stay at number one, but right now it is concerned about it’s game against number 16 Florida State “The winner of this game has gone on to win our conference the last few years, so we’re focused on Florida State right now,” Swinney said.  

LSU comes in at second and its biggest rival Alabama comes in at fourth, and they play each other this Saturday. Alabama is the most controversial pick in the top four as they have 7-1 record while four teams (Baylor, Michigan State, TCU and Iowa) below them in the top ten are still unbeaten. The loser of the matchup between the Tigers and the Crimson Tide will probably be moved out of the playoff.

However, the most shocking decision is that the Big 12 doesn’t have a team in the top four. Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State are all undefeated and are ranked six, eight and 14 respectively. “I think either TCU or Baylor will get in” Zack Bloom ’18 said. “[TCU quarterback] Trevone Boykin is a great dual threat and Baylor puts up so many points. One of them will get in”

The Big Ten has Ohio State, in the playoff but also has two other teams in the top ten, Iowa and Michigan State, and all three teams are undefeated. If all three win out, then the winner of the conference championship will likely get a spot and another one may get a second spot in the playoff. “I think Ohio State is really good.” Adam Katz ’17 said. “I think they’ll win the Big Ten and probably make it back into the playoff”

Fans are also questioning how good Memphis is. They are 8-0 right now and had an impressive two touchdown win over number 18 Ole Miss, the one team that beat Alabama. Memphis plays in the American Conference which is not one if the power five conferences. If Memphis wins out the committee will have a big debate on whether or not they should get in.

If last year showed us anything, this year’s college football playoff should be very exciting.