Teachers and March Madness


A photo finish is developing in the teachers’ bracket, with Team Micinilio edging out Team Klein.

Adam Kaplan, Staff Writer

With March Madness just about wrapping up, we can look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly of our brackets. By now we all know how our fellow classmates did, but the teachers have also had varying levels of success.

The Staples faculty has a tournament challenge which includes 70 brackets.  Prior to the beginning of the Final Four Pat Micinillio was in first place, being trailed closely by, Lenny Klein, Philip Huydic and head boys’ basketball coach Collin DeVine.

How does each staff member come up with their choices? Surprisingly  some of the methods used are not conventional.

“I base my predictions more off of history, politics, emotion and geography not basketball,” social studies teacher, Sara Pinchback, said. Needless to say her bracket is not doing too well; as of now Pinchback only has 1/4 of her final four teams in.

Environmental teacher, Tom Owen trusts his instincts to make his picks, “No, I don’t have a strategy, I look at the teams, go off of my gut, and see what happens, it never works.”

Janice Price may be in 60th place this year, but don’t let her current tournament woes fool you, “ I don’t pick many upsets, believe it or not I actually won the Staples bracket a few years back and I got to go to Falmouth, Massachusetts for a weekend.”

Lenny Klein was very happy with his current situation, “I’m currently number two in the Staples Bracket, but it is a win win situation, if Florida wins, I win the Bracket, but I am also a die-hard UCONN fan so I’m kind of rooting against myself.”