Practice Makes Perfect

Taylor Burg, Staff Writer

Although it doesn’t look like winter is ending anytime soon, spring teams just can’t wait to get a head start on practicing and preparing for the upcoming season.

For example, teams such as girls’ tennis and boys’ baseball have already begun to hold practices that allow athletes to get ready for the spring.

According to Melissa Beretta ‘14, the space they practice in is small. In any case, it’s enough to get the job done.

“Practices that take place in a 20 ft by 20 ft space in the fieldhouse aren’t amazing at getting people in tip top shape, but two practices a week will remind people that it’s time to get out, start playing, and start working out,” Beretta said.

Boys’ baseball is also getting in crucial practice hours before the season begins. Alec Johnson ‘14, believes that all this practice will pay off.

“It’s essential to get an early start on the season, especially in baseball.  Our season is very long and intense because typically, we have no more than a day off in between games,” Johnson said. “Getting conditioned early in the season is a must if you want to compete for our league.”

When asked what Staples tennis fans should be expecting for the upcoming season, Gabi Titlebaum ’15 responded with great enthusiasm. “I expect this to be the best season the team has had in years. It was our coach’s first year last season and now, he knows us even better. Were going to kill it this season.”

Both teams are ecstatic for the spring season to start. “Every year, the goal is to win a championship and that’s exactly what we plan on doing,” Johnson said.

The spring should be a great season for both the girls’ tennis and boys’ baseball team because like they say, practice makes perfect.