Maggie Fair lives up to her legacy


She was born into the game. Practically from the time she learned to walk, Maggie Fair ’15 has dribbled circles around the basketball court with a larger-than-life smile fixed on her beaming face. And this star player has definitely scored big considering she’s only 16-years-old.

Young Fair started her basketball career in the second grade, and has been playing ever since. She has made varsity since freshman year, and also plays for Connecticut premiere in the spring and summer. But this elementary school player had big dreams right from the get-go.

“I’ve always aspired to be like Maya Moore (a University of Connecticut team player),” Fair said. “I get motivated just by watching her play.”

“Maggie spends endless hours in the gym which are not just limited to games and practice time,” Ruby Steinberg, a fellow varsity basketball player for Staples, said. “And she does it all with a smile on her face.”

Luckily for Fair, she has another role model living under her own roof.

Someone who has always played a substantial role in her career has been her father, Matthew Fair. The star of his high school basketball team, he ran the REC league at Williams’ College. Now, he coaches elementary and middle school girls’ basketball in Westport, with Maggie being part of his team up until her freshman year.

“My dad’s always there for me no matter what,” Maggie Fair said. “He’s at every game and even if he can’t make it, he will call me before I play to give me pep-talks.”

However, her father notes that coaching his own daughter was not always easy.

“In the beginning, Maggie     would choose to drive home with my wife after her games because she didn’t want to hear my comments or talk about basketball any longer,” Matthew Fair said.

But now that Maggie is older and eager to enhance her skills, the pair bond over the sport, both said.

“When we’re watching basketball together, Mags will make comments now and then about a defensive set or particular press,” Matthew Fair said. “Who knows? Maybe she will coach one day.”

There’s no doubt that the Fair basketball legacy will continue on for the generations to come, as Maggie hopes.

“Basketball has been a big part of my family, and I would love for future generations to continue playing,” Maggie Fair said.

“My little sister also plays and is really great.”

Fair has plenty of options for the future even though she isn’t sure of what she wants yet. Her courageous, positive attitude is what makes her so successful.

Fair just made a shot, and she definitely scored.