A Win for Senior Field Hockey Players

Rachel Labarre, Managing Editor

Although the field hockey team lost their last home game, 0-1, against Danbury High School on Monday, the excitement and support that they received will always resonate with the senior girls.

“It’s definitely a day I’m not going to forget,” said Hannah Myers ’14. “All of my friends were there and we had so much support, it made us so happy to have so many people there who were so important to us.”

Despite the nippy weather and homework that comes on a school night, both girls and boys showed up to the game, cheering loud and holding up posters for all of the senior players: Valerie Fitton ’14, Elizabeth Coogan ’14, Katherine Lieder ’14, Emily Stanford ’14, Issy Pieper ’14, Meghan Fox ’14, and Myers.

Jessica Fields ’14 was one of these enthusiastic spectators, who spent the night jumping up and down, waving a sign saying “Val Is My Gal!” for Fitton. “I went to support my friends because it was their last home game, and because senior girls are the best.”

Fields described the event as being “really exciting” because of the energy in the crowd. Some of the cheers typically chanted at a football or soccer events were repeated throughout this field hockey game, even when the score was not in Staples’ favor.

“Although we lost our Senior Day game, it was such a special night,” said Coogan, who is one of the four senior captains. “It was a great reward for working so hard for four years to see my teammates, coaches, family, and friends all together in one place cheering us on.”