Girls’ Volleyball Battles for a Win Against Danbury

The girls were prepared on Friday night to keep their 7-1 record. A few weeks ago, Greenwich beat Staples with a close score of 3-2. With motivation and determination, the girls came back with three consecutive wins.

“I think the team performed very well. They had a rough start but as usual, they picked themselves back up and played hard,” said Shannon Cardoza ’15.

The first game was slow, the audience was still, but the girls kept the score close, ending the game with a score 22-25. “One of the worst moments was when the girls kept getting aced because it got them discouraged and then the energy was very low,” said Allie Mignucci ’15.

By the second game, the audience roared while the girls crushed the ball. Amazing sets were made and the girls dove to save balls that seemed to be impossible.

“We worked so hard in this game and even though we lost the first one, we didn’t let it get us down. We pushed and fought harder in every game,” said Val Kirsch ‘14. “Improving our communication out on the court, definitely helped us win.”

It was clear that the girls came to realization that Danbury came with the intentions of beating Staples. While the feeling was mutual, the girls had no desire to lose this game.

By the third game, the girls were on a roll. The energy in the room was soaring, and they won the third game with an ending score of 25-20, beating Danbury 3-1 overall.

“Danbury was a very competitive opponent. Our team did a very good job of communicating on the court and I believe with more games like this one we will have many opportunities for success,” said Knox McKay ’14.

The next game home game is on Monday October 7th at 5:30pm versus Bridgeport Central.