Staples Field Hockey Team Defeats Norwalk


Photo by Gabrielle Feinsmith

Gabrielle Feinsmith, Sports Editor

On Thursday, September 27th the Staples Wreckers field hockey team beat Norwalk at 6:00 p.m. Although, this was a home game for Staples, many loud Norwalk fans filled the stands in support of their team.

According to the players, this was a huge victory for Staples. Norwalk is notorious for being aggressive and playing a fast paced game. Although Norwalk is allegedly a tough team to beat, the Staples Wreckers were able to take control. “We had numerous scoring opportunities and dominated most of the game. Our passing, recovering, and cutting were right on target,” captain Elizabeth Coogan ’14 said.

Staples started the game off strong when Jordan Ragland ’16 scored the first goal of the game. This was Ragland’s second goal of the season. “Scoring the goal was so exhilarating, especially since I’m the youngest on the team,” Ragland said. After the goal was scored, Ragland’s teammates instantly started cheering and rushed over to hug her. Elizabeth Bennewitz ‘15 scored the second goal in the second half of the game, which ultimately led Staples to victory with a score of 2-1.

According to the field hockey players, Thursday’s game is something they are very proud of. “I am so proud of the team. Everyone put in their best effort which gave us great results,” Jamie Tanzer ’15 said.

The field hockey team’s main goal for the season is to score goals. “We have great field play but we need to work on maximizing our scoring opportunities because that’s the only way we can have a winning season,” Captain Elizabeth Coogan ’14 said.