Staples Loses to Xavier in a Close Game


Photo by Aaron Hendel

Eliza Yass, Web Opinions Editor

Staples football lost in a close game with Xavier at Palmer field, which was a game opener for both teams, with a final score of 22-30. This is a new season for the Staples Football program with 19 new starters on the field.

The game began with two touchdowns from Xavier in the first and second quarter. Staples got a chance to catch up later in the second quarter when senior tight end, Bryan Porter’14, scored a touchdown for Staples.

A pass interference penalty was called after this touchdown and then another touchdown from Xavier, making the score 21-7 going into halftime.

Following halftime, senior running back, Jack Greenwald’14, scored a touchdown for Staples, bringing the score to 21-14. Xavier followed with their last touchdown of the game.

The fourth quarter brought the score closer. After a touchdown by senior quarterback, Jack Massie’14, a two-point conversion was made getting Staples up to 22 with five minutes and eighteen seconds left in the game.

“We fought and there were times that it looked like we were out of it, but no one gave up, so we’re proud of that. However, that doesn’t mean we’re satisfied, we really wanted to win that game,” said Massie.

Three of Xavier’s touchdowns were made by senior running back, Andrew Meoli, who rushed 193 yards. The other was made by senior quarterback Joe Carbone.

The team seems to agree that the new starting line-up tackled through a great game and is looking forward to the season to come. The starting wide receiver, Jake Melnick’15, commented on the teams performance.

“I thought we proved that we can play anyone, but we still have a lot of work to do to get to where we want to be,” said Melnick.