Football's Future: Massie '14 looks to become next great in Staples Football program

Football's Future: Massie '14 looks to become next great in Staples Football program

Ryder Chasin ’14
Staff Writer

With Jack Massie ’14 being the first freshman QB to make the Varsity team since 1999, his main responsibilities include preparing the team and carrying the ball bag. | Photo by Ryder Chasin ’14

Coming out of the locker room three Fridays ago, the Staples varsity football team looked to take its first steps in defending its FCIAC championship against Trinity Catholic. For most it was the beginning of a new season, but for one Wrecker it was the beginning of a new career.

That Friday Jack Massie ‘14 stood on the sidelines as the first freshman to make the varsity football team as a quarterback since 1999.

“They treat me like any other guy, equally,” Massie said.

Massie is currently the backup QB on varsity, behind Chester Pajolek ’11, who, along with head coach Marce Petroccio, is excited about the potential the freshman has.

“He’s way ahead of me as a freshman, and probably even a sophomore. When I was a freshman, if I made varsity, I would have been totally overwhelmed,” Pajolek said.

“I think the great part about [Massie] is he wants to get better. He has an eagerness to learn” Petroccio said.

With Massie being just a freshman, the quarterback is looking to get the most out of this varsity experience.

“All I want to do is go out there and play to the best of my ability,” Massie said.

Massie started playing football in third grade as a running back, but when he got to fifth grade he switched over to quarterback which has stuck ever since. Massie’s play throughout the years in the PAL League allowed him to gain recognition from the high school team even before he stepped foot into Staples.

“He’s been coming to our clinics in the winter for years now,” Petroccio said.

To his teammates, Massie is just another guy on the team, whom they look to with respect and courage.

“He’s a good player. I always love to see someone with such a bright future, especially with a guy like Massie,” captain Chris Coyne ’11 said.

Massie appreciates his teammates as well. According to Massie, being around the upperclassmen all the time lets him “get to know a few people.”

Massie also plays with JV as the starting QB. Two Mondays ago, Massie ran for a 90-yard touchdown against Fairfield Prep’s JV team, and to Petroccio that is a sign of encouragement.

“He’s not a starter yet,” Petroccio said, “but he’s close.”

There is a future ahead for Jack Massie, and that is for sure. But for now, Massie will watch how Chester Pajolek leads the offense and wait for number 16 to be called. “It looks good for Massie,” Petroccio said. “His future is very bright.”