By Phoebe Mendelson ’17

Nineties fashion was a time of flannel shirts, choker necklaces and platform shoes. All of which are styles one can see when looking down the halls of Staples today. Fashion from the 1990’s has made a comeback, and it’s something that has many people talking.

Senior Emily Ritter is one of the students who is a big fan of the resurgence of 90’s fashion. She believes that the reason it has made such a comeback is that it broke all boundaries.

“Every decade has some defining characteristics. In the 20’s we had shorter dresses, in the 60’s models like Twiggy wore boxy dresses with stripes and very geometric prints, and then 70’s where being a hippy was all the rage,” Ritter ’17 said.  “But then, you get to the 90’s where women could finally dress comfortably and honestly sometimes they looked like they were wearing boys’ clothes, but it didn’t matter because it was a decade of self-expression.”

Emerson Kobak ’18 is a fashion designer and is currently working on a new collection for her upcoming show/ fundraiser for Stomp Out Bullying that is solely focused on the trends from the 90’s. The show set for May 26 will feature things from mini skirts and sparkles, to denim pieces and metallics.

“Nineties fashion is simple, yet fun. There is a wide variety of colors, silhouettes, and styles, which are the main reasons I am drawn to it,” Kobak said.

According to InStyle, some of the biggest 90s trends that are making a resurgence are denim jackets, crop tops, and bomber jackets, among many more.

The 1990’s was truly a decade of self-expression, and the common factor that ties all the different pieces together is the fact that they allow you to to be unique and stand out, rather than blending into the woodwork.

Fleur Byrne ’17 enjoys that fashion from this time was specific to one’s self and allows people to embrace a more eclectic side to them.

“Nineties fashion really appeals to me because sometimes it’s a little wacky which I really dig. I like wearing funky clothing and whether it’s layering mesh, graphic tees, or fishnet shirts, wearing lots of denim, or covering things in pins,” Byrne said. “I think this era of fashion is a great way for me to express myself.”

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