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Junior Prom in Photos

Junior Prom in Photos

May 22, 2012

On May 19, the junior class attended their first Staples prom. The festivities took place in the courtyard from 7-10 p.m. Students danced and enjoyed the food and beverages provided by the school.

Grim Reaper Day in Photos

Grim Reaper Day in Photos

May 22, 2012

On Fri., May 18, the annual Grim Reaper Day festivities took place. Students painted their faces to resemble the lives taken in drunk driving accidents and there was a school wide assembly that shed light on the dangers and the effects of driving drunk.

Senior Class Pranks in Photos

Senior Class Pranks in Photos

Bailey Ethier, Web Opinions Editor

May 18, 2012

Seniors participated in two different pranks during the lunch period on Fri., May 18. During first lunch, seniors fought each other in the courtyard with foam swords and cardboard shields. They divided themselves into two teams based on their middle schools, with kids from Coleytown Middle School facing...

A New Group of National Honors Society Students: NHS Induction Ceremony

Sara Luttinger, A&E Editor

May 15, 2012

On May 9 the library was packed with some of Staples’ best and brightest students for the National Honor Society induction ceremony. The students were joined by faculty members, John Dodig, and the students’ family members, as they were officially admitted to the Society. The ceremony began with...

Amendment One: An Unfortunate Wake Up Call

Carlie Schwaeber, Staff Writer

May 14, 2012

"45% of gay males and 20% of lesbians surveyed reported having experienced verbal harassment and or physical violence during high school as a result of their sexual orientation," according to The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. According to Youth Pride Inc., "As many as 1 in 3 gay and lesbian youth...

Students Rally in Support of Fellow Classmate

Cheyenne Haslett, Web Managing Editor

May 14, 2012

Over 100 students congregated in the courtyard before school on May 14. They were meeting to support their fellow classmate, Justin Slosberg '15, who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. It began with a single Facebook post but quickly blossomed into a large support movement for Slosberg, whose favorite...

School Shows Support for Student with Leukemia

School Shows Support for Student with Leukemia

Alexandra O'Kane '13, Social Media Specialist

May 11, 2012

On Thursday, May 10, the Staples community came together on Facebook to support Justin Slosberg ’15, who has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. The public group, “Stay Strong Justin,” has grown to include over 1,000 people in the span of about 20 hours. In response to all the support in the g...

Westport Police Locate Runaway Student

Eliza Llewellyn, Web News Editor

May 7, 2012

Lisa Martins ’14 was located on May 3 in Ansonia, Conn., according to Captain Samuel Arciola of the Westport Police. “She is fine, and we are making arrangements to have her reunited with the family,” Arciola said. Martins ran away from home on April 4. Cases involving runaway children are...

Getting Ready for Prom? Check out the Newest Supplement

Cheyenne Haslett, Web Managing Editor

May 4, 2012

"Prom: An Inklings Supplement" has articles on the history of proms in Westport, great prom songs, how to navigate the prom process, an opinions piece on prom hype from a guy's perspective and much more! Go to the Issue page to see the full magazine, along with the the advertisements that helped support our Prom supplement (many of whom are offering coupons and great deals)....

A Twin Bill: Staples Sophomores May Break World Record

Kate Beispel '13, Sports Editor

April 29, 2012

When Luke Foreman ’14 heard rumors that his own grade had the potential to set a world record, he began to research. “I heard people talking about how the sophomore class might have the most twins out of any grade in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, and decided to look...

Education Reform Proposals Create Controversy

Cheyenne Haslett, Web News Editor

April 14, 2012

In his State of the State address in mid-February, Governor Dannel Malloy spoke of fixing Connecticut’s weak economy and high unemployment rate. “Let’s think big. Let’s be bold,” he urged lawmakers, calling for “revival,” not a “recovery,” and he outlined how that revival would take...

Role Reversal: One Acts Let Actors Direct

Alicia Lourekas, Staff Writer

April 13, 2012

Directing a play is an impressive accomplishment for many adults, but at Staples, students are stepping up for the challenge. For the past couple of weeks student actors and directors have been practicing for two hours everyday, and through hard work and lots of laughs, they have produced 10-minute...

Staples Student Uses a Unique Transportation on her Way to School

Leah Bitsky, Feature's Editor

April 13, 2012

While most licensed students crawl tiredly through school-morning traffic onNorth Avein their jeeps, Audis, and Honda Civics, with loud dub step or light NPR news coming from their speakers, one student rolls into the Staples parking lot with a whole different kind of swag. Caroline Valerio ’12 pref...

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