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I Am Jar Jar Binks

I Am Jar Jar Binks

April 9, 2009

Image via Wikipedia I am Jar Jar Binks. I’m not joking. Living in San Anselmo, California had many benefits. One of which was the local TCBY, This Country’s Best Yogurt, although sometimes I don’t agree, but I digress. Anyway, George Lucas would often visit the local TCBY. So one day when I was four and...

A Letter to the Editor

April 6, 2009

To the Editors of Inklings, The Staples High School Physical Education and Health Department would like to respond to the Opinion piece that ran in the March 13th issue of Inklings entitled, “Gym Class: Bringing Out the Best in Kids.” We as a department felt compelled to respond to clarify any...

Pippa Hazlewood on Avoiding Disappointing Presents This Holiday Season

December 20, 2008

Pippa Hazlewood '11 Opinions Editor  Ugly sweaters, teeny bopper earrings, tribal African drums, hot pink unicorn figurines (with sparkles and feather boas): these are all things I’ve received over the years on holidays and birthdays. They all have the power to turn the happiest time of year int...

Santa Deprived: Inequality of Hannukah and Christmas

December 9, 2008

by Farrel Levenson '11 One month of the year, December, everyone is suddenly jolly. Red and green lights deck the storefronts, and peppy little Christmas songs take over the radio. Christmas specials appear on every channel, and ABC even starts a countdown towards that coveted day.Best of all, Santa...

Hillary Clinton: Self Sustaining or Name Dropper

November 17, 2008

Constance Chien '10 Staff Writer Hillary Clinton is known to many as a polarizing housewife character who wishes to capitalize on her husband's name recognition. Her liberal policies are deemed idealistic. And her relative inexperience is often criticized. But who is Mrs. Clinton? Read More ...

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