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Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” tops charts

January 26, 2021

New, fresh bachelor grabs attention of Bachelor Nation

January 15, 2021

Social media’s impact on our generation

December 1, 2020

Students discuss whether Election Day should be marked as national holiday

November 10, 2020

Students debate if adjustments to hybrid learning merit pass/fail grading system

November 10, 2020

Students discuss VP Debate

November 10, 2020

Opinions on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court

November 5, 2020

Students review new Travis Scott Meal

October 13, 2020

Students compare this years online school to last years: which is more effective

October 13, 2020

Exploring pandemic responses, which one is best?

As America reaches its third month of quarantine and as 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment, when will it be appropriate to open up? Should we develop herd immunity or maintain our lockdown?
May 21, 2020

Pass/fail grading system prompts discussion

Pass/fail grading system prompts discussion
April 28, 2020

Lyah M · Pass Fail

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