Tendga holiday party displays customer appreciation


Charlotte Smith '21

On Dec. 10, Tengda Westport threw their annual exclusive holiday party to celebrate the past year and show their customer appreciation.

Charlotte Smith '21, Staff Writer

Between hibachi chicken, fried rice, sesame salad, sushi rolls and dumplings, Tengda Westport was decked out with all of their most popular meals. With buffet-style food and an open bar, customers chatted, socialized and celebrated the approaching holiday season. 

On Dec. 10, Tengda hosted their fifth annual holiday party at 1330 Post Rd E, Tengda’s Westport location. Each year, Tengda owner, Mike Zhao, sends invites to his most loyal restaurant-goers to celebrate the holidays as a token of his customer appreciation. 

“I invite all my regular customers to come and have a good time and enjoy the food and drinks and make some friends,” Zhao said. 

Customers received a special invitation with their name written on it from Zhao in order to get into the event. The restaurant was closed to the public so that Zhao and the Tengda staff could just focus on their most loyal customers, creating a private space for the party.

A staples student who attended the event had a great time hanging out at one of her favorite restaurants and eating food.

“Their annual holiday party is a great way to bring the community together and celebrate the success of a beloved restaurant,” Abby Greenlee ’21 said. “The food is also delicious.” 

Their annual holiday party is a great way to bring the community together and celebrate the success of a beloved restaurant.”

— Abby Greenlee '21

The restaurant was rearranged to have an open floor plan so that the chosen customers could have room to walk around and mingle. A large assortment of different Tengda dishes were placed out for everyone to eat and enjoy. The dishes included chicken lettuce cups, dumplings, salads, all different types of sushi, vegetable rolls and more.

“I personally have been eating from Tengda for the last two to three years at least,” Beckett Siskand ’21 said. “It’s nice to walk in there with my family and have all the friendly workers there greeting you. I appreciate Tengda inviting my family and I to dine there and I think it will also make their customers realize that Tengda is a community and everyone gets treated like family.”