Mac Miller’s death leaves students heartbroken


By Remy Teltser ’21


Social media flooded with teary eyes and tribute pictures for the idolized Hip-Hop rapper on the afternoon of Sept. 7. Mac Miller, 26 year-old singer and producer, was found dead at his home in Studio City, California, earlier that day. Struggling with substance abuse for years prior, fans speculate that he suffered a drug overdose. However, the cause of death has yet to be confirmed. Many Staples students were brokenhearted by the news.

“His music has so much range. He has sad music, happy music and just every type of genre,” Angelo Casabianca ’21 said. “That’s what made him a great artist.”

Miller began his career way back in 2011 with his debut album, “Blue Side Park”, and many students have been following him ever since. According to Billboard, the album “became the first independently-distributed debut album to hit No. 1 on the chart this century.” Blue Side Park made chart history and only gave Miller the motivation to aim for more.

Two years after his debut, Miller started his own record label ‘REMember Music’ as a tribute to one of his friends who had died. “His music was meaningful,” Tatiana Bicalho ’21 said, “and it’s upsetting he’s never going to be able to make a new album ever again.”

The same year he imprinted his name on a record label, his second album “Watching Movies with the Sound Off” released. He signed himself to REMember Music, along with a deal with Warner Bros. and his quick rise to popularity had no end in sight.

He started producing music for major singers like SZA and Lil B, and between 2015 and 2016 released two more albums.

Many students  have been a fans of Miller for a while now. “I listened to ‘100 grandkids’ a lot from his ‘GO:OD AM’ album,” Bicalho said, “It was my favorite song of his.”

Like many, Bicalho is saddened by Miller’s death because his career had so much more potential to grow and expand in the hip-hop world, but was devastatingly cut short.  

His final album released in the summer of 2018 titled “Swimming”.

Although Miller’s life and career came to a sudden end this past week, his legacy as a rapper and producer will always be remembered.

“He was a musical genius and one of the best rappers alive,” Casabianca said, “and a good person too.”