Lake Mohegan attracts Fairfield County dog owners, serving as a ‘hidden gem’


Kayla Sirlin ’19 and Layla Wofsy ’19

Any dog owner in Westport knows that Winslow park, Compo beach and Aspetuck are easily accessible and always a safe bet for a daily dog walk. While these locations most definitely please your pet, many Staples students have gone outside of the confines of the town border, opting to take their dogs to Lake Mohegan.

Lake Mohegan is located in Fairfield, Connecticut and has many hiking trails for people of all ages and levels to enjoy. Although the park is mostly known for its various hiking paths, a man-made freshwater lake is available for swimming during the summer.

One of the most important aspects of the park is that it is animal friendly, allowing owners to take their pets along with them to enjoy the fresh air. “I take my dogs to Lake Mohegan because I know that it’s a dog friendly place and it’s not too far away,” Liv Rubin ’17 said.

Since the park has different levels of difficulty, owners can ensure that their pets are well-exercised. What may be difficult for one animal may be not enough exercise for the next, so owners can determine their hike route depending on the needs of their individual pet. Eric Schwartz ’19 can attest to this benefit. “I take my dog there because it’s better exercise for her and not too much further from my house than Winslow Park,” Schwartz said.

Dog owners from all neighboring towns are drawn to Lake Mohegan, making it a social hotspot for not only the owners but for their pets as well. “I take my dog to Lake Mohegan because fresh air is good for my dog and he really likes the environment there with the other dogs who he can play with, ” Ellie Arrow ’19 said. In agreement, Julianna Shmaruk ’19 mentioned that, “It is one of the few places I can go on a family hike and bring my dog.”

The close proximity to the water also differentiates Lake Mohegan from the average dog park. Nadia Pollmann ’19 takes advantage of this feature because “… [her] dog is a lab so he loves playing in the water,” Pollmann said.

Some students who are regulars at Lake Mohegan have found their favorite paths to take their dogs. “I like going on the trail that is next to the water because there are small areas along the way for my dog to swim in,” Shmaruk, who has been visiting the park for years, said. “The path to the cliff is also nice because I like to swim there.”

The same way it is essential for people to stay active, dogs must get their exercise as well. “Most pets are stuck inside most of the day and walking them outside gives them an opportunity to run around and get some physical activity in,” Levi Levins ’19, President of the Lulu’s Lucky Pets club, said. “It will keep both you and your pet healthy!