Principles over Partisanship: Beacon of hope shines in pivotal election: a Gary Johnson rally in photos

By: Margot Mather ’17

Gary Johnson held a rally on Saturday, September 10th at the Marriott Marquis in the heart of Times Square in New York City.

“I show support for Johnson by having a sign in my lawn that at least half of Staples has to drive past on the way to school. I’m also considering getting a bumper sticker because people are super friendly when they hear that you support Gary Johnson,” Danny Jersey ’17 said.

“Johnson is different from the two main candidates this year because they just happen to come with an unbelievable amount of baggage,” Jersey said.

Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian party and former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld came to the podium and asked for Gary’s supporters to “help change the channel on this horror movie.”

“Bill Weld blows all of the other VP candidates out of the water,” Lilly Howes ’17 said at the rally.

The Johnson Campaign has focused its’ efforts specifically on the millennial demographic.

“Balanced budget– that’s about future generations,” Johnson said, while discussing his plans to make an economy that will assist millennials as they age.

“I care about the fact that there are innocent tens of thousands of people that are innocently being killed throughout the world because of our military policy, and its not intentional on our part but there is an opportunity to bring peace to the world,” Johnson said.

“I [blew] it on this Aleppo and I’m sorry for that,” Johnson said.

Johnson later criticized Clinton’s’ “crony capitalism,” and “pay to play” scandal with the Clinton foundation.

“What I hope Johnson’s campaign does is that he can showcase the fact that the two party system isn’t capable of representing the people as well as a three, four, or even five party system could,” Jersey said. “He’s a surprisingly unifying candidate in a divisive election.”