Hanukkah officially kicks off

The smell of sizzling potato latkes wafts from the frying pan throughout the house. Freshly lit candles illuminate the room, providing a warm glow.

For many who celebrate Hanukkah, these sensory images are a reminder of their own holiday traditions. Hanukkah, which started on the night of December 16th this year, marks the beginning of eight fun filled nights for many students.

Christmas is often the holiday associated with big gifting, as Hanukkah’s span of eight nights provides a unique situation where some people might receive smaller gifts each of the eight nights.

Sam Chinitz ’16 said that he sometimes receives gifts or money. He added that his family celebrates the holiday by gathering for dinner at his grandmother’s house.

“Every year my family ends up forgetting one day or not knowing if we did, so we usually celebrate nine nights to make up for the one we forgot,” Ruby Dener ’16 said.

She went on to describe how her Hanukkah always seems to be eventful.

“One year my mom’s sweater caught fire,” Dener said.

“[Every night] this year we will write a $20 check to a different charity,” she added.

Whether it’s latkes, chocolate coins, or endless games of spin-the-dreidel, Hanukkah  provides families with an abundance of opportunities to form their own unique traditions.

Ben Popkin ’16 chimed in on the holiday spirit. “I like Hanukkah [and] I adore latkes,” he said festively.