Staples students give thanks


Graphic by Sophia Hampton ’15

Gabrielle Feinsmith, Associate Managing Editor

Seniors are frantically sending grades to colleges, students are trying to balance their tedious workload with their extra-curricular activities and midterms are rolling around the corner. Needless to say, the Staples community is overwhelmed with loads of stress.

Students have anxiously been counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. And thankfully the time has come.

A four-day break allows students to sit back from the chaos of everyday life and give thanks.

“I’m thankful for the wonderful opportunities I’ve been given in my life and having amazing family and friends by my side,” Ben Goldstein ’16 said.

According to those interviewed, they are especially excited for the traditional Thanksgiving feast consisting of all time classics such as, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Although, the food is a huge bonus of the holiday, students report they are also reflecting on far more important aspects of Thanksgiving.

“Thanksgiving gives people an opportunity to put life into perspective and spend time with family,” Brooke Wrubel ’17 said. “It’s very hard to make time for that during the year.”

According to those interviewed, students think it’s essential to recognize how fortunate we are despite the hardships of everyday life. Kayla Bilotti ’18 explains, “in the midst of everything, it’s easy to forget how much we take for granted.”

“When Thanksgiving rolls around, often times people forget the significance of the holiday. People associate it with a school break and great food. However, it’s important to remember to appreciate what you have and take a minute to reflect on all the wonderful things in life,” Jacqueline Chappo ’15 said.