Boys baffled by rompers


Chase Gornbein, Staff Writer

Ideally, the romper is a perfect piece of clothing that fits all the basic needs for women attire. Consisting of both shorts and a shirt meshed into a stylish one-piece, the romper is crafted into a paradigm of perfection.

However, there are many guys who are unaware of what a romper actually is.

Sebastian Wick ’17 has no clue.

“Aren’t they like pajamas?” Wick said. “Or is it that thing that has balls attached to the end of it?”

No, it doesn’t have balls attached to it, and no, their current use is not as pajamas. Instead, a romper is both a versatile and comfortable style of clothing. The romper can be described as a dress that allows for a comfy and fresh feel. It’s just as easy to wear to the beach as it is to wear to a fancy restaurant.

Jack Griffin ’16 was unaware that the romper has actually been around for almost 100 years.

“I think J-Lo invented the romper,” Griffin said.

The romper suit, or onesie, first appeared in the United States in the early 1900s as playwear for young children. In France during the 1950s, the romper was only worn by males because it was deemed as a play garment.

In 2006, the romper has reinvented itself in the fashion industry. Several designers, including Deborah Sweeney and Juliette Hogan, presented collections including romper suits to many retail stores. Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Old Pueblo Traders are a few of the retail stores interested in the romper’s obscure style and fashion.

Tia Zajec ’17 loves the romper for its aesthetic appeal and how easy it is to wear  with any other clothes.“They are really cute and you can wear them with a lot of things.”

Yet, boys are still confused about what a romper is. The romper reminds Dan Cozzi ’16 “a little bit of overalls” he said.

Nevertheless, as the summertime approaches, rompers will certainly be in full swing. So, boys, start figuring out what they are because they will soon be everywhere.