Students celebrate spirit week in style

Boa feathers fill the halls as the junior girls get in the spirit before pep rally and homecoming. Julia Lindwall, Mackenzie Wood, Liv Smith, Sarah Bookbinder and Carly Crossfield all class of 16.

Caroline O'Kane, Creative Director

6:30 a.m. Monday morning. The alarm is ringing incessantly as you try to mask the sound by hiding under the pillow. You begrudgingly roll out of bed only to remember that its PJ Day. You grab a pillow pet and happily set out in your cozy attire for the day.

Tuesday. Color War. Red, purple, green, and white mobs of students fill the halls, boa remains everywhere, and the respective colors sold out at Party City to show school spirit.

Wednesday. Double trouble, Twin Day. Hundreds of minions swarm the school turning Staples into Despicable Me 3. Friends plan outfits and act as one another’s twin for the day. “Bee-doo-bee-doo” chanted a group of senior girls including Mikaela Dedona and Blair Gould.

Friday. Senior Girls once again take over the school in their ‘Senior girl’ shirts. The rest of the school is decked out in white and blue. The school day goes by quickly for Pep Rally in the afternoon. Each varsity fall sport put together a show for the school, creating an exciting and ‘peppy’ environment in preparation for Homecoming. “This is my favorite day of the year,” cheered Lilly Valente ’16 excitedly before the Cross Country team ran onto the field.

Saturday. SuperFans filled the stands, crowds of white and blue. The football team wrecks Westhill with a final score of 34-0. “This is the most fun I’ve had at a football game,” Laddie Lawrence says due to a winning score, a beautiful day, and the overwhelming spirit brought by all the Staples Students.