Students fold and crease their stresses away


Claudia Chen , Features Editor

Chai Kim ’15 can create a majestic crane, a sharp star, a practical box, and an intricate flower simply by moving her fingers. This is not Harry Potter’s world full of magic, or even a fantastic dream. This is the Origami Club.

“I wanted to participate in Origami Club because origami is a relaxing activity,” Kim, a former co-president of the club, said.

According to an article by Ezine Articles’ online reporter Chris Wethered, origami helps relieve stress. The folding of the paper along with the creativity involved helps both sides of the brain focus on a relaxing activity, washing all worries away.

Students looking to do something creative with their hands as well as bid their stress “sayonara” are welcome to join the Origami Club, no experience necessary.

“Students might assume that they need to know origami before joining,” Kim said. “However, we are more than happy to teach [them] if they do not know.”