Falling back into step with the colder climate


Daniela Karpenos, Web News Editor

Every year it’s the same transition. The air becomes cooler, the leaves crisper, the colors richer. Yet, the anticipation and renewed excitement for fall never seems to fade.

One of the ways the seasonal shift is kept fresh is through fashion trends. Magazines, such as “Seventeen,” predict this fall’s popularity of grungy sweaters, plaid flannels, fun prints, and pastels. “Glamour” magazine points to a shorts and ankle boots trend.

Even the students who assert their indifference for pumpkin-spice everything seem to have a soft-spot for sweater weather.

“I’m really the most excited for fall clothing,” Rachel Morrison ’16 said. “I love buying and wearing different boots, and finding socks to pair with them.”

Morrison also noted the difficulty of dealing with the awkward transition period between seasons. Most mornings are alarmingly chilly, but afternoons increasingly warmer.

“Because of this, some people dress like its winter and some dress like its summer,” Morrison said. “Fall is a hard season because a lot of people are not sure of what to wear.”

For Siobhan O’Loughlin ’15, though, cozy knits are just one of the season’s highlights.

“I’m definitely looking forward to football games,” O’Loughlin said. “I also really love drinking hot apple cider.”

O’Loughlin is not alone when it comes to her love of hot drinks. According to “The Guardian,” a psychological study conducted at the University of Colorado has shown that warm drinks encourage warm feelings. So, curling up with a fuzzy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate may very well be in your best interest.

But, even though Abby Lustig ’15 looks forward to Starbucks teas and bundled scarves, she isn’t quite ready for the change in season just yet.

“Fall starting means summer is really over, and that kind of stinks, especially with the crazy senior semester ahead,” Lustig said.

Nevertheless, there is one universal positive of our transition to fall: gaining back the hour we lost back in March.