Internship myths debunked

Simon Stracher, Staff Writer

The Staples High School Internship Program, which originated in 2008 with 40 kids, has been a resounding success.

“Nearly every student in the class of 2014 participates in the program,” Lee Saveliff, head of the program, said.

The program has become a staple of every student’s four years at Staples and one that is eagerly anticipated.

“I’ve been waiting to intern at the end of my senior year ever since my brother did it back in 2009,” Mike Moritz ’14 said.

However, even though the internship program is immensely popular, there are many myths and misconceptions about it. For example, Moritz used to think that the internships paid.

“I was surprised when my brother told me he was doing all of this work for free – I couldn’t believe that,” he said.

Another misconception about the internship program is that no matter what, seniors will get to participate. That is not the case.

“It is possible to lose your internship, and it can happen up until the last day that seniors attend class (this year, Fri May 16), and in some instances, interns may have to return to school during their internship if they do something against the rules,” Saveliff said.