Greg and the seven prom dates


Greta Bjornson, News Editor

On Tuesday morning in the cafeteria, a group of senior girls clutched bouquets of roses wrapped in light pink tissue paper and gathered to take pictures. No, this wasn’t an especially classy senior day for a sports team. It was Greg Weiner ’14 asking his dates to the senior prom.

Yes, dates plural, as in multiple.

Weiner, who has gone to past dances with just one date, came up with the idea to surprise his friends, and believes that “everyone deserves to be asked to any prom, especially senior prom.”

The group of girls included Dana Segal ’14, Olivia Kalb ’14, Maddy McCartin ’14, Katie Burke ’14, Meredith Bemus ’14, Rachel Goldstein ’14, and Sara Banbury ’14 had already planned to go together regardless of whether or not they had dates.

“It’s basically just a bunch of girls (and one guy) who decided they would have a lot more fun going with close friends than finding some random guy,” Banbury said, “Greg decided to step up and ask us all to prom, he’s just a nice guy like that.”

Maya Mandell ’14, friends with the group of seven girls, informed Weiner that they were all going without dates. As she had already been asked, she suggested to Weiner that he take the group of seven girls with him to the dance.

“Most times girls don’t get asked to prom but still want the experience, so I thought it would be a great idea to get a boy who didn’t have a date to collectively ask all of them because then they still get part of the promposal and prom experience,” Mandell said.

Banbury and Bemus both agreed that another plus for going with Weiner would be a more relaxed, stress-free night that wouldn’t come with accompanying a date who they weren’t as familiar with.

As for pictures, they are “definitely going to be interesting,” Weiner said, “so we are for sure going to have to figure that stuff out.” Thankfully, the group has time to do so; the prom is scheduled for June 7, similar to last year’s.