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Candy Grams cause confusion

Kelsey Shockey
Candy Grams could lead to both happiness and sadness

Christmas is coming faster than you think, and so are those cute colorful candy grams with bows tied ever so perfectly with a note.

But do these candy grams even have a purpose?

Of course they do. The concept of candy grams is not just for eating the delicious candy, but they’re also to give out to friends.

“I think candy grams are a fun way to show people that you care and that you’re thinking about them,” Rachel Lieberman’14 said.

However, in retrospect, candy grams can have the opposite effect on people.

According to Rick Daily’14, “Candy grams could definitely make others sad. Say for example a classmate of mine gets a candy gram from who I thought was a very close friend of mine as well, but I didn’t get one from him or her. Though that personally wouldn’t hurt me, it could definitely hurt someone else in the same situation and possibly ruin some friendships.”

At the same time, it’s hard to buy candy grams for everyone.

“In the past, I used to hand out as many as I could. Now, I just send one to a close friend as a joke or something,” Lieberman said.

While some sensitive students out there may have their feelings hurt, in the end, candy grams are really not that big of a deal.

“It’s not a mark of how many friends you have, it just depends on whether your friends like sending them at all. In most years of doing candy grams, I’ve been in classes where the majority of people don’t get one anyway,” Melissa Beretta’14 said.

Overall, you can say that candy grams are bittersweet.

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About the Contributor
Kelsey Shockey, Web Sports Editor
Though she may flaunt skirts and cardigans in every hue of pink, Kelsey Shockey’s ’14 girly presence is not to be misconstrued. The Staples Senior’s true passion is sports. Since the age of five, Shockey has devoted herself to playing tennis year round. Currently a member of the girls’ varsity team, Shockey hopes to pursue the sport in college. “I love tennis because it is like performing on a stage and the spotlight is on you,” Shockey said. However, Shockey isn’t just getting attention on the courts. Since her freshman year, she has been involved in the Staples Television Network (STN), providing coverage for sports events. “I was never a great speaker in middle school or elementary school because I was so shy. But now I’ve come out of my shell,” Shockey said. “STN changed everything.” Dreaming of one day gracing national television, she hopes to study communications with an emphasis on broadcast journalism. Combining her love for sports and communications, it’s no wonder that Shockey is a perfect fit as one of Inkling’s Web Sports Editors. Full of exuberance and enthusiasm, she loves that she can “connect with people” through her writing. Shockey’s proudest work is “Explosion at Boston Marathon,” the first breaking news story she has ever written for Inklings. With a strong work ethic as well as a flare for sports and broadcasting, Shockey is sure to be a valuable addition to this year’s Inklings staff.

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