Mr. Miller: A Fantasy Football Guru


By day, Alex Miller is an English teacher at Staples High School. By night, he coaches a team of virtual football players.  Miller is a devoted football fan, but his passion goes far beyond the game itself. He has been a part of his family’s fantasy football league for six years now.

 Miller plays for one simple reason, “To dominate competition and destroy my family members” Miller said.

 Six years ago, Miller and 11 of his close relatives decided to create a fantasy football league for a new way to enjoy the upcoming football season. However, Miller did not know what would come of it, or the legacy it would leave on his family.

 “I talk trash with my relatives and cousins on a weekly basis,” he said. It is he believes, “the only way that he is able to keep in touch with all of them.”

 Fantasy football has taken over  Miller’s life. “I feel extremely strong about the game of football, but even stronger about the fantasy version of it” he said.

 He listens to ESPN and CBS sports podcasts, and the radio on his way to and from school in order to get the inside scoop on player injuries and who is hot, and who is not. He estimates that he listens to about three hours a week worth of key intel that will help his team to win. “Listening to the radio and podcasts helps me to come up with strategies on what to do with my team” said Miller.

Miller won the first year of the league and decided to create a plaque to boast his achievement. He created what he calls “The golden whistle of fantasy football excellence.” The whistle is painted gold and is attached to a black plaque, which is awarded to the winner each year.

There is also an award for last place. The toilet paper dispenser is awarded for the guy who comes in last and does the “crappiest” said  Miller.

Miller has one piece of advice for his fellow fantasy football fanatics. When asked who he would pick with the first pick of the draft, he said,” Marshawn Lynch, he can go into beast mode.”