Teachers’ Assistants Provide A Unique Perspective


Rachel Labarre, Managing Editor

This year, rather than taking an extra free or an extra course, numerous seniors have opted to be Teachers’ Assistants (TA) for classes that they took during their junior year.

“I loved [AP] Gov last year and being a TA was a way for me to get more engaged with the information as well as help other students be as interested as I am,” said Melissa Beretta ’14.

There is a range of classes that students TA for: anywhere from culinary, to theater, to AP Government. However, in all classes, students are banned from seeing any grades, tests, quizzes, or providing assistance with assessments.

Generally, the role of a TA is to provide the teacher with research and planning assistance, but it is mostly to share their point of view to fellow students.

“I think a TA brings a unique perspective to a class,” said Suzanne Kammerman, the AP Government teacher that Beretta TAs for. “She’ll chime in and explain how important it is that she found as a student to do a certain thing.”

Maddy Rozynek ’14 also sees it as a way to delve into the subject that she loves so much: theater. She teaches two classes of Theatre 1, and finds that already she has been given more and more leadership roles.

“I had always had an interest in teaching, and what better way to experience that than in a subject I have been invested in all my life,” said Rozynek.