A “SMART” Decision


Katie Reynolds, Staff Writer

Not too long ago, SMART Boards,  which are described by the SMART website as the “interactive whiteboard [which}  lets you deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink and save your work”  were a new and idolized addition to Westport Public Schools. Few classrooms had them, fewer teachers knew exactly how to use them, and every student wanted a chance to write on the board with the seemingly “magic” markers.

But since then, SMART Boards have become common in this school district, and it looks like there will be another addition… in the fitness center at Staples.

David Gusitsch described each teaching station of Physical Education as like a classroom.

“A SMART Board will allow us to utilize supplemental information: videos, online demonstrations, film from class, and research sources,” said Gusitsch.

“It would increase my ability to teach through different mediums, without having to plug in all these different portable devices” said Janet Zamary, who teaches Physical Education.

Gusitsch said that the addition of a SMART Board in the fitness center would not change the curriculum for students in this unit of Physical Education. It would, however, “enhance the curriculum, making it more student centered” said Gusitsch.

As for a final decision on the installation, Gusitsch said that chances look good, but there is always budget stuff happening behind the scenes. “With this kind of stuff, it’s never really final until its there,” said Gusitsch.