Fed by the Bell


Sophia Hampton, Staff Writer


Your 30 minutes for lunch starts, and it’s time to make some tough decisions. Getting a good meal (in a timely fashion) at the Staples cafeteria can make all the difference in your day. So below is the 411 on the most popular foods at Staples with some student testimonials on why that item makes their lunch complete.

Hot and fresh, the sandwiches are unsurprisingly the most popular item in the Staples cafeteria. Despite the infamously long lines, the wait can be worth it when you finally bite down into a  super-melted chicken pesto on perfectly toasted bread, bursting with basil goodness. There are endless combinations possible, ranging from just plain cheese on bread to a whole wheat caesar salad wrap.

Student testimonial: Mike Holtz ’13- “I mean the line is a bit long, but it’s a small price to pay, I get sandwiches almost every day, and oftentimes, as the line dies down at the end of the lunch period, I can always strike up a conversation with Colleen about classes, the weather, or other happenings.”

Everyone needs their leafy greens and what better way to get them than with a salad you create yourself? The salad bar at Staples has many options that change from day to day, including chick peas, pasta salad, grilled chicken, and a variety of dressings. It’s a healthy, easy lunch.

Student testimonial: Abby Merlis ’15- “My ideal lunch consists of the rockin’ salads that I make at the salad bar, and either raisins or a Nutrigrain bar.”

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, Staples’s french fries are especially fried and frenchy. With hardly any line, it’s super easy to just grab and munch while waiting to pay. Occasionally, the chefs will throw out some sweet potato fries, which can be a fun alternative.

Student testimonial: Jordan Goodness ’16- “I like to get french fries because of the long lines everywhere else, and it can be an easy thing to split with a friend.”

All the way on the other side of the lunch room, “Outtakes” can be the place to get a quick and yummy snack to add to your lunch. They have everything from smoothies to chips, and let’s not forget their freshly baked and warm cookies neatly nestled in the convenient little wax paper bags. Chocolate chip? Sugar? Oatmeal? Tip: ask for a plastic cup and a bottle of milk, and dip your cookies into the milk.

Student testimonial: Allison Morrison ’15- “The cookies are good because they are small enough that you don’t feel guilty, but big enough that you can have the whole cookie experience without having to buy more than one.”

With so many options too choose from at the Staples cafeteria, you could almost have a different lunch everyday. Sometimes the wait for a hot sandwich is definitely worth it, and other days, fries can be just the thing.

French Fries:

Estimated wait time: 0-2 minutes

Estimated make time: 0 minutes

Estimated time until food is in hand: 10 seconds

 Hot Sandwiches

Estimated wait time: 5-15minutes

Estimated make time: 5-8 minutes

Estimated time until food is in hand: 10-23 minutes

Salad Bar: 

Estimated wait time: 0-3 minutes

Estimated make time: 2-3 minutes

Estimated time until food is in hand: 2-6 minutes


Estimated wait time: 1-8 minutes

Estimated make time: 30 seconds-1 minute

Estimated time until food is in hand:1-9 minutes