Seniors Celebrate College Acceptances, Busy Schedules Prevail

Ellie Mann, Staff Writer

With the holiday season in the past, a number of students have already received the first thing that was on many of their wish lists, their college acceptance letter. The beginning of December was accompanied with a great deal of anticipation for some seniors, but towards the middle of the month, college acceptance letters began entering the mailboxes of numerous Staples students.

With the college process over for numerous students, it was time for them to celebrate, but not every person celebrated the same way.

Some seniors tend to see their acceptance into college as an excuse to take a break from school. As the year progresses, the backpacks of seniors get significantly smaller, more seniors begin whipping out their computers in the middle of class for a variety of different un-educational purposes and senior attendance begins to worsen.

Nonetheless, getting accepted into college is an incredibly exciting moment for any highschooler. Because many Staples students have busy schedules, finding time to celebrate can be slightly challenging. Even so, seniors rejoiced one way or another.

When Bo Gibson ’12 was accepted into college, he wasn’t able to go out and celebrate with his friends because it was the day before he had to play in the State Championship football game. Nonetheless, Gibson’s mother still had something planned for him.

“The day I found out, when I got home, my mom had a Dartmouth shirt and sweatshirt laying by my front door,” Gibson said.

On the other hand, Sophia Ferry ’12 also celebrated her college acceptance with her mother by going shopping.

“My mom said that she would take me shopping once I got into school, Ferry said. “She let me celebrate by adding a few articles of clothing to my wardrobe.”

However, while some students were able to celebrate their college acceptance, other students, like Michelle Elsas ’12, were not able to celebrate because they received their acceptance letter at an inconvenient time.

Elsas went out to dinner with her family the day after she was accepted, however, she plans on celebrating with her friends towards the end of the month.

Elsas’ habits in school have not changed for the worse because she knows that she still has to maintain her grades.

“I need to remember it’s still not second semester yet,” Elsas said.

Yet, Gibson has taken a much different attitude to the rest of his time at Staples.

“I feel very relieved and relaxed,” he said. “My habits have completely changed and I am focusing a lot on enjoying the few months I have left at Staples.”

Whether it’s playing in the State Championship football game, going shopping with their mom or saving the big celebrations for the end of the month, Staples students are making time in their packed schedules to congratulate themselves for all of the hard work they have put into their past four years in high school.