Carly Rae Jepsen returns to the music world with “Party for One”


Photo contributed by Vevo

After going on a music hiatus, Carly Rae Jepsen, commonly referred to as a one-hit-wonder for her 2012 song “Call Me Maybe” released a new single and music video prompting her return.

The song “Party for One” debuted on Nov. 1 and is said to be the lead single on her upcoming album in 2019. The pop song is three minutes and three seconds long, and is positioned as number 16 on the iTunes top charts.

The song features an upbeat chorus and reminds me of her previous 2012 hit. Since then, Jepson has worked to get her beat back, and I think she finally did.

Not only did the Canadian singer come out with a new single, but also an unusual, yet entertaining music video to pair with the song. The video starts with Jepson, along with other characters in different rooms looking gloomy and alone after dealing with heartbreak. They then seem to embrace their loneliness through dancing, eating, singing and putting on makeup until the hotel alarm goes off. The alarm brings all the lonely guests together, where they have a brief party in the lobby. The video showcased people who were upset at first, but when they come together, they end up having a good time, and sent the positive message that people can overcome almost anything if they surround themselves with good energy.

What makes this song excellent is the catchy lyrics and beat found in the chorus of the song. She sings, “Party for one/ if you don’t care about me/ I’ll just dance for myself/ back on my beat.” The beat made me want to stand up and dance, and the simple lyrics were easy to sing along to.

The song continues on with Jepson trying to cope with the disbelief and doubt of her breakup and is the perfect breakup anthem..

All in all, whether you are going through a tough breakup, or just want a new favorite song, this one should be added to your playlist. After listening to “Party for One,” I am most certain that Jepsen’s long awaited return to the spotlight has arrived.