Logic returns for another hit album “YSIV”

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By Jack Shapiro ’19

Logic, the famous American rapper and songwriter, returned to the spotlight with his album “YSIV.”
Logic released his fourth studio album on Sept. 28. Prior to this new album, Logic promoted three singles: “One Day,” “The Return” and “Everybody dies.” The album currently sits at the number two spot on the Billboard 200.
Although Logic’s first few singles were all enjoyable, “Everybody Dies” delivers an unreal beat and passionate lyrics from the 28 year old rapper. Throughout the song, Logic discusses his rough past and how everyone should live their best life.
Even though Logic’s lyrics are passionate, this doesn’t hurt the track in anyway. His lyrics touch the audiences hearts and allows his fans to experience intense emotions. Logic does a great job connecting with his fans and encouraging them to “make it one day.”
Another stand-out song on the album is “Ordinary Day.” The beat that Logic produces is a quick but subtle touch. The rapper does a great job including a fast beat in the that doesn’t overpower the lyrics. This track has been in the works since 2016 and has been teased throughout the years.
Logic also includes Hailee Steinfeld in this long-awaited track. This marked the first collaboration with Steinfeld and hopefully results in more work from the two. The inclusion of Steinfeld’s voice embraces a woman’s voice and is a nice touch to the fast-paced hip-hop number.
A bonus that Logic includes throughout this album is the abundance of artists featured. Some of the artists he highlights are Jaden Smith, Ryan Tedder and Wale. Although there are more artists, these are some of the most famous and popular artists Logic has worked with.
Wale appears in “100 Miles and Running” which works with a funky beat and lyrics. Wale fits in perfectly with this track and is an exciting addition. Although Ryan Tedder slows the song down in “One Day,” his lyrics during the chorus are inspirational and inspiring.
Logic’s fourth studio album is an incredible masterpiece that deserves more praise. “YSIV” includes unreal beats and powerful lyrics. Logic continues to inspire his fans by encouraging them to keep their heads up and live their life to the fullest.

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