“Captain Marvel”: Marvel Cinematic Universe releases first-ever female led movie


By Mark Didio ’20

Marvel entertainment released the first ever female-driven Superhero movie trailer, “Captain Marvel” on Sept. 18. Actress Brie Larson will star as Carol Danvers, who later becomes Marvel’s first ever female lead, Captain Marvel. She is not only a female superhero, but one of the strongest, if not the strongest hero, to ever exist in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Captain Marvel has the power of flight, super strength and speed, space travel and even the ability to alter reality.

“Captain Marvel” has MCU fans in a tizzy. All fans are very excited to see a new powerful character introduced into the massively successful series of movies. Jake Thaw ’20, was very excited after viewing the trailer.

“I thought it was great,” Thaw said. “The visual effects were amazing and you can already tell that this movie is going to be a fresh, interesting and compelling story.”

Other students are more looking forward to the first female hero in the series of movies. Claiming to be a “Marvel Superfan”, Adam Greenlee ’20 is anticipating this movie more than almost any other in the past.

“This movie has the chance to be one of the best Marvel Movies of all time,” Greenlee said. “Captain Marvel has the capability of breaking from the norm of male driven movies and reshape what a superhero movie can really be about. Captain Marvel is going to be remembered as the hero who turned the MCU female.”

However, Greenlee is upset that Marvel Entertainment has taken so long to have a female solo movie. He feels there was an opportunity to include a female hero very early in the series.

“Scarlett Johansson’s “Black Widow” has been deserving of a solo movie since her first appearance in “Iron Man 2” (2010),” Greenlee said. “She was definitely a character who had a very interesting story line that needed to be told and I’m disappointed that she was never given that opportunity.”

Even non-superhero fans are excited to see this movie. Alex Seideman ’20 is not usually a fan of action and superhero movies, but she wants to see “Captain Marvel” when it enters theaters.

“Superheros have never been something that I am interested in,” Seideman said. “But seeing a powerful female figure draws my interest. I very well might see this movie.”

“Captain Marvel” does not come out until Mar. 8, but the movie is already gaining lots of attention due to its groundbreaking female character around the world and especially at Staples High School.