190 Main becomes main spot for late night diners


By Molly Mahoney ’18

Take a drive through downtown Westport after dark, past banks and shops, and you’ll see that in the array of storefronts with dark windows, one location will stand out: 190 Main Bar & Restaurant. The small spot, which opened in early 2018, is brightly lit with strings of lights and candles both in the small bar area and the clear, illuminated and heated covered tent that can be seen from the road just outside.

When first stepping inside, I was taken aback by how small the space of the actual building portion is, but quickly realized how intimate of a space the size created. Decked out with flowers, colored lights, art and other details, I was impressed. Arriving around 7:30 on a Thursday night, the space was slightly empty. I was confused why such a charming space would be almost deserted until I realized that almost every table was marked “Reserved.”

After being seated by friendly staff, I peeked at the menu. Although condensed to one page, the menu sported a variety of tapas, salads, soups, small plates and an abundance of seafood. However, be warned: almost everything on the menu was more than $10, with a good deal of the dishes costing almost or more than $20.

In fashionable time, my appetizer of roasted brussel sprouts was in front of me, without the pancetta as requested. Drizzled in black truffle aioli sauce, the brussel sprouts were grilled to perfection. The small plate was just the right size to tide me over until my main course, and the vegetables were crispy without being completely toasted.

After much anticipation I was presented with my fish and chips, as suggested by my waitress when I asked for a fish recommendation. As a pescetarian, I was very aware of how few options were available to those who eat neither meat nor seafood.

The fish came with a small bowl of coleslaw, french fries, pickles and a delicious sauce. The three pieces of crispy fish were scrumptious and toasty while still moist and tender under the fried layer. Especially with the mystery sauce and ketchup, I savored the seafood. The warm, crunchy fries didn’t hurt either.

Although 190 Main felt empty upon arrival, by the time I had devoured my meal, the space was filled with mostly middle aged women having girls’ nights or couples on date nights. The bar was extremely social, and there was an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. The meal came out to $24.47, a bit pricey but worth it when considering the ambiance and the quality of the food in my opinion. Be sure to check out the elegant space at- you guessed it- 190 Main Street.