Something Natural is naturally a must eat

Something Natural is naturally a must eat

By Chris Andrews ’18

For those longing for their next Nantucket vacation, you can now experience one familiar favorite here in Connecticut. Just like the Massachusetts original, the location is a somewhat tucked away house looking structure that is behind Saks on the avenue in Greenwich. That little white “house” is a sandwich shop called Something Natural. While this restaurant opened just this past June, its history goes back nearly 50 years on the island.

It’s a small place that contains only a few small tables and chairs, with customers ordering at the counter. The menu has 18 sandwich combinations ranging in price from $4.75 to $8.25. If you prefer, you can create your own from the assortment of breads, deli meats and extras.
Their most popular meal is the Smoked Turkey, Tomato and Swiss. Even though the sandwich ingredients may not seem the most exciting, the freshness of the house-made bread and the authenticity of each element makes it the quintessential dish.

As far as something with a little more flavor, my personal favorite, the Avocado, Cheddar & Chutney, is the sandwich to try. The large portion of avocado might make this one of the more expensive sandwiches on the menu, but the taste makes this sandwich worth the money. I’ve eaten many of these over the years.
In addition to the fresh baked breads and sandwiches, there are a variety of soups and salads. I tried the 50 Cliff Cobb salad for the first and definitely not the last time. It has a delicious combination of crunchy kale, seasoned turkey, sweet cranberries, the strong taste of crumbled blue cheese and a zesty avocado lemon vinaigrette dressing.

The shop also sells some baked goods including the island’s famous jumbo cookies, with Chocolate Chip being the favorite.

Something Natural, 189 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT, 203-863-2100,